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Three Point Bandits: Basketball SuperDunk! is a swipe basketball game designed for touch-enabled mobile platforms. The goal is to beat the clock by achieving the stated targets for each round.

Designed and developed from the ground up over a two-year period as a hobby, the influence of old-school, 2D, side view genres is soon clear. Partly driven by the desire to create a game, and partly to improve on other games already on the market, building SuperDunk! has its genesis in wanting to make the most of touch screen capabilities in an intuitive and natural interface for this format.

SuperDunk! is a game of physical skill. Although an element of luck is involved, muscle memory, stamina and strategy win the day. Be mentally prepared for sore, tired hands as you train up to sieze all three stars.



  1. Throw angle is determined by the direction of your swipe
  2. Throw speed is decided by the length or pace of your swipe. Long or quick flicks throw the ball faster
  3. Spin direction and amount are controlled by the arc of your swipe. Downward curve gives backspin. Upward curve gives forward spin



  1. Earn coins to play more balls
  2. Upgrade gear. Standard ball is slightly over inflated with worn tread. Better balls glide through the air with ease, improving accuracy
  3. Novelty balls are out of this world



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The most important tips for SuperDunk! are:
  1. Long press the Alleyoop and Slam Dunk buttons to enable moves. When active, a red dot appears on the button
  2. Get more balls as soon as you can. This lets you earn more coins and score higher
  3. SuperDunk! earns the most coins by far. Consistency and stamina make it a very rewarding skill
  4. Teamwork pays. Learn to score using both characters working together. You will certainly need this to advance in later stages

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